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10 Questions to Ask a Painting Contractor before Hiring One

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Last updated on April 7, 2022

10 Questions to Ask a Painting Contractor before Hiring One

So you need your home painted, but don’t know where to start. There are so many painting contractors who claim to be the best in the business, but how do you know which one is right for you? Painters vary in quality of service, price, and experience. The key is finding a company that can meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Here are the top 10 questions you should ask a painting professional before hiring them for the job.

1.     Are you insured?

Every contractor should be able to confirm they are insured before starting. Contractors without insurance may try to convince you otherwise, but don’t be fooled. If they simply tell you they have insurance without giving you proof, be suspicious. If they show a policy that is expired, they are not properly insured and should not be painting your home. If they try to pass off a different type of policy as proper insurance, they are also not qualified to paint your home.

2.     What kind of paint do you use?

The quality of paint is important, and will determine how long it lasts and how good it looks. There are different types of coatings for every project and area in your home. A quality painting contractor should be able to explain to you which types of paint they will be using. The painting materials they use should also be high quality, so don’t forget to ask about caulk and other products.

3.     What kind of training do your employees receive?

Ask what kind of training the team has gone through prior to hiring a painting service. Proper training eliminates costly mistakes, allows your project to be completed in a timely fashion, and helps ensure quality results. Make sure your contractor has only the best employees with the best training and experience for the job.

4.     Do you have any safety protocol or training?

Safety is a big concern when it comes to painting projects. A legitimate company will provide safety tips or training for its employees. Accidents on the job can cause lengthy delays, and unsafe work practices can lead to severe damage. Plus, you probably don’t want to work with a company that is putting their employees at risk of injuries. Ask about safety culture at the company before considering them for the job.

5.     Is your company a member of the BBB?

Ask the painting contractor if they are members of the Better Business Bureau or another trade association. This demonstrates the company is confident in the services they provide. It also proves they are a stable business, committed to delivering the best work. Professional painters are usually well-established in their industry.

6.     Do you have a list of references I can contact?

No matter how sure you are that a company is capable of painting your home, you need to ask for a list of references before hiring them. A professional painting company will always be able to provide you with a list of names you can call to verify they are good at what they do. When you call the references, ask them how pleased they are with their painting services, and how the team acted while on the job.

7.     Do you offer any type of warranty or guarantee?

When you hire a painting contractor, ask them what kind of guarantees or warranties they offer. When they give you an answer, make sure it is reasonable. Some businesses will try to win you over by offering an unrealistic warranty. The most common warranties last about 1-3 years, and most will have exclusions. Ask about the fine print before choosing to work with a contractor. Be sure to get the warranty or guarantee in writing.

8.     Can I have a free estimate before you start the project?

Before your painting contractor begins work, make sure they offer you a realistic estimate for your project. You want to be sure their services are within your budget, so you aren’t hit with any surprises with the job is finished. The best painting companies will always offer a free estimate.

9.     What does your cleaning process entail?

Once you’ve established that a painting contractor is perfect for the job, you also want to be sure they are respectable to work with. Ask if the team takes care of cleaning up after they are finished working on your home. This should be a no-brainer, but it never hurts to ask. You’d be surprised what some people try to get away with.

10. Can Your Painting Company Answer All these Questions?

Remember that you usually get what you pay for when it comes to painting, just like most things in life. If your painting contractor can’t answer one of these ten questions, you may want to look elsewhere. But if they can, you’ve probably found a great painting contractor. It’s time to get to painting!

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