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November 8


How to Choose Paint Colors for your Home’s Interior

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Last updated on March 7, 2022

There are so many different paint colors you can choose for your home, which can be overwhelming at first. A professional painter can walk you through the process, and help you figure out what will best align with your vision. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Start an Inspiration Board

Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to planning your next paint project. Try creating your own board, and fill it with home ideas you love. Houzz is another great resource for getting inspiration. If you want to go the old-fashioned route, cut some photos from magazines and catalogs, and put them into a big folder to show your painter.

2. Consider Neutrals Palettes

It’s easy to get carried away with colorful palettes, but sometimes all you need is one base color. Try choosing a neutral you love, then using an accent color for a pop of personality. Neutrals seamlessly fit into any style room, and they’re easy to match with existing decor. If you need help with your color schemes, we are always happy to offer suggestions and advice.

3. Create Cohesion

As you pick color palettes for each room, remember that even though they are different spaces, you’ll want to create some cohesion. Lay out the colors for each room, and then put the palettes together to see how the mesh. You can look at different color palettes online to see which shades complement each other, and which ones don’t necessary go well together.

4. Ask the Pros

You aren’t just hiring your painter to do the job and leave. A professional should be able to address any concerns you have, including color decisions. Don’t hesitate to ask for some advice. After all, they’ve seen firsthand what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions if you’re stuck deciding on color schemes.

5. Do a Shade Test

Ask your painter to try a couple different shades on your walls themselves. Seeing the paint close up is sometimes all it takes to make your final decision. We can test out as many shades or colors as you need to help you achieve your vision.

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