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July 30


Preparing Your Home for Exterior Painting

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Last updated on April 7, 2022

Exterior painting is a simple and easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal. It can instantly make your home look brand new. Depending on what the weather is like, you may need to refresh your exterior paint every five to 10 years to ensure your home stays protected from the natural elements. When it comes to exterior painting, there is a bit of preparation required before you start. These steps can help make sure your paint job lasts for many years to come. Here, Advance Painting Contractors details the steps needed to ensure your paint job is top-notch.


The first step to take when preparing for exterior painting is pressure washing. This step ensures that you have a clean surface to paint over. Pressure washing removes dirt and dust buildup from the house. It also helps remove flakes and other loose paint that you would normally have to scrape off. If this isn’t done properly, the paint will not bond to the exterior surface of the house. Any dirt or residue you paint over could eventually loosen and take the fresh paint off with it. If you decide to pressure wash, do not forget to consider timing. Make sure the surface has enough time to dry before you begin painting. If you begin painting too soon, the paint will not bond with the surface correctly. Plan to have a couple of days for your exterior to dry.


Before you start painting the exterior of your home, make sure all of your surfaces are cared for and have no damage. Walk around the perimeter of your house and spot any damaged areas. This includes several different types of surfaces such as wood, masonry, metal, siding or stucco. If you spot any damage, be sure to fill any holes and sand them smooth. If you neglect to do this, those damaged areas have a possibility of becoming worse and you’ll end up having to repaint once again.


Another major step to take before painting the exterior of your home is making sure there is no peeling, blistering or alligatoring. These exterior issues can mess up a paint job. To remove this problem, simply use a scraper or sandpaper to take off all the excess paint. Pro tip: make sure you put down plastic or cloth to catch all of the falling debris. This will help make cleanup so much faster.


The next step to take to prepare your home for painting is repairing trim. If you notice any gaps between the house and the trim around the windows and doors, make sure to fix them as soon as possible. You can easily fill these in with exterior caulking, which you can find at your local hardware store.


The last step you need to take before exterior painting is to make sure everything is covered. Tape off any surfaces that you don’t want paint on to keep everything nice and clean. It’s recommended to cover everything with plastic sheets, especially if a spray painter is being used. This will help keep your lights, doors, windows, etc. from getting paint all over them. Simple preparation can save your painters time and unneeded work.

As you can see, painting your home’s exterior requires quite a bit of prep work. While it might take a bit of time, it is definitely worth it! If you take the time to properly prep your home, you’ll get the best results possible. That’s why it’s always best to hire a professional painting company to handle these big exterior paint jobs.

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