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March 11


What is Limewash? Why is it so popular?

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Last updated on March 11, 2022

Homeowners love the look of brick. Why? Because brick is made to last. It’s durable and low maintenance. This being said, limewash is always a beautiful choice when looking to update your home’s interior or exterior. It’s another fun way of adding color to natural brick walls.

What is Limewash?

Limewash is a simple paint type that is literally just made of natural lime and water. Limewash is fundamentally made from naturally occurring limestone that has been crushed, burned, and then mixed with water to create a putty. The process does not end here! Once you’ve created a putty, you can’t instantly use it as a limewash paint. It will need to mature and this can take up to a couple of weeks maybe even a month. When the putty is mature enough it can then be thinned out with water, thus limewash comes out as the final result.

What colors should I use for limewash?

Traditionally Limewash comes in browns, grays, and whites. However, Romabio offers seven stock colors, but also creates color matches based upon request. Their independent suppliers do the same! So many factors go into color selection.  Because limewash is nearly 10x darker when it is wet, it’s extremely important to test the color and let it completely dry. The color may also change depending on the number of coats applied and the overall porosity of the surface being painted. That said, Romabio’s Classico Limewash is a one-coat finish that looks breathtaking! 

Should I hire a contractor?

A good contractor/ company, that’s familiar with how to apply limewash, is the difference between a potential disaster or loving your house when the process is over. It’s not as simple as painting, so it’s really important to find someone that is experienced with using limewash. Although the trend is growing, we have found very few applicators with a compelling portfolio. This application is for those with experience. They need to be familiar with the product and have an artistic mind. 


Overall we believe limewash is a beautiful choice if you’re looking to paint your brick or other masonry surface. Homeowners are frequently asking The Advance Painting team the benefits of limewash and how it compares to paint. With Romabio Limewash and Classic Finishes for the expert applicator, prepare yourself for a gorgeous home exterior that will stand the test of time! Let’s get started on making your curb appeal a reality today.



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